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Testing of Fresh Concrete

The suitability of a concrete for any task is initially assessed whilst that concrete is still in its freshly mixed state before setting occurs:

  • Is it workable?
  • Will it pump
  • Does it hold together or segregate?
  • Is it air entrained?
  • Will it bleed?

Well established tests are used to categorise fresh concrete properties.


  • Slump test - the most widely used test for assessing the workability of concrete of normal consistency (slump 10mm to 200mm).
  • Flow Table test - for concretes that are more free flowing (slump 180mm+).
  • Vebe Test - for concretes that are not workable in the normal sense, the test uses intergal vibration.

Control and measurement of air content is easily assessed using a pressure type air meter.

Fresh density, compactability and bleeding can all be measured.

From Quality Control and Mix Design assessment to Admixture testing, Sandberg are able to carry out a comprehensive range of fresh concrete tests.

References: BS EN 12350 series, Testing fresh concrete
BS EN 480 series, Admixture test methods
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